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Chris Marsol is an actor, musician and recording artist emanating from the San Francisco Bay Area. Some of his most memorable live shows have included opening for The Roots, Lyrics Born and Raphael Saadiq (Tony! Toni! Tone!).  Marsol’s two album releases; Rockit Science and Butterflies, Lipstick and Hand Grenades, have received international radio play, press accolades and a very dedicated following.  The press accolades and unique musical style landed Chris an enviable record deal with world renowned Bay Area Hip Hop legends ‘Hieroglyphics’.  After the release of ‘Butterflies’, Marsol took a long and public hiatus from music in order to pursue his other passion of acting.  Chris has since gone on to work with talents like Spike Lee, Michael B. Jordan, Ja-Rule and Adrienne Houghton ("The View") on various film projects. Hiatus or not, Chris had always been in the lab creating and using music as a journal to chronicle his emotional world.  Over the years, Chris had gone through the inspiring (and often frustrating) process of experimentation and tinkering with his sound, trying to find the evolution of his musical voice.  Having released a few singles starting back in 2019 as a primer, Marsol is now poised to release his self-produced 5 song EP entitled Time Is A Circus. The project is mixed by 2x Grammy winner Nahuel Bronzini (Fantastic Negrito) and is partially inspired by the emotional turmoil and isolation of the Pandemic; and the inevitable changes that time brings.  The Vortex is the first single off of the EP and refers to circumstances that overwhelm us; situations where no matter how hard we struggle against it, we end up being at its mercy.   And yet we wake up every day, put on a brave face and take it on again.  The song is about empathy for struggle, but also about grit. The Vortex will be released on all streaming platforms on May 7th.

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